Naim Muawia Abu-El Hawa's Website...

Naim Muawia Abu-El Hawa's Website...

Naim Muawia Abu-El Hawa's Website...

I (Naim) LOVE SEAFOOD, As Is Depicted by the Image of the Fish, Found Below...

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The Conscience and the Free Will.

A common question asked of spiritual leaders and philosophers is: How does one achieve genuine liberty? Due to my lack of professional credibility, please take my advice with less than a grain of salt... To achieve one's freedom in full, one must allow for his or her conscience to overtake and dictate/control his or her free will. Too many individuals within society focus too heavily on the term "freedom" without realizing the true meaning of freedom... We all have the ability, both literally and figuratively, to do as we please/desire, be it eat whole gallons of ice cream or conduct the most brutal and most bloody of genocides. The only way to achieve freedom is to realize that just because one possesses this ability to be free (free will), does not mean to exercise this free will in extremes, or without consulting one own's conscience. One will never be free if his or her conscience is a prisoner of remorse; thus, do not allow yourself to become a prisoner of your desires, if they do not line up with your conscience. If one must hesitate for a second before taking action, that means that this individual shall not take this action, as that action will imprison this individual within him or herself for eternity as a result. In other words, if you have to think for a long time before acting, said action is nothing but bad news for your soul and your conscience. Do not break the wings of your butterflym, known as free will, by forcing it out of its cucoon, known as the conscience. May God (or whatever devine being one believes in) distance us from our own internal evils and our own sins, as is the distance between the sun and the moon.

My (Naim's) Favorite Music.

    My (Naim's) Favorite Music Genres
  • Arabic RAP.
  • Caribbean Raeggae.
  • Jazz.
  • Classical Music.
  • Latin P.O.P.
  • Korean P.O.P.
  • Japanese P.O.P.
  • Bollywood Music.
  • As is very well known, most motives are selfish. The most common motive, however, may be disputed as either being totally selfish or totally selfless. This motive has been practiced/enforced by the best of us: And that is... The constant need to surround ourselves with the ones we care about most. We always want our loved ones in our presence. Is this a selfish motive/request? Is this something that can be practically enforced? What does literature, be it contemporary or ancient literature, tell us about characters/individuals who practiced this motive actively? Is love a selfish desire or a selfless bond of trust, connection, and emotional well-being? When does love become unhealthy?

    My (Naim's) Favorite Foods.

    Naim's Favorite Cakes.

    1. Tripple Chocolate Moose Cake.
    2. Mango Moose Cake.
    3. Banana Cheesecake.
    My Name Is Red
    Orhan Pamuk
    Sand Daughter
    Sarah Bryant
    The Lost Army of Cambyses
    Paul Sussman

    Naim's Favorite and Most Frequented Websites.


    Izleyici Platformu


    Yeni Diziler

    ATV (Turkiye.).

    Kanal D (Turkiye.).

    ShowTV (Turkiye.).

    StarTV (Turkiye.).

    Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.



    Foods I (Naim) Am Not Allowed to Eat for Religious Reasons/Purposes.

    1. Hawaiian Pizza.
    2. Ham and Cheese Sandwiches.
    3. Pork Chops.
    4. Bone-In Ham.
    5. Pork Sausage.
    6. Pork Bacon.
    7. Fat Back.
    8. Lard.
    9. Italian Sausage.

    Naim's Original Quotes

    "The wise man does not pursue the will of his beloved; rather, he follows the will of his genuine love for his beloved. The man who thirsts to please his beloved will soon realize that he will be thoroughly drained. One must delight in the emotion of love but not bend to the will of the beloved. The heart is the most valuable and precious guide, for the map of the heart is the clearest of maps."
    "Love is the pearl one holds in one's heart and the flame one witnesses with one's blind eye."
    "Fight for peace!" "Your heart must drink from your cup of sorrow to genuinely savor and value the drink produced from your cup of joy..."

    Three Day Meal Plan

    Breakfast Lunch Dinner Dessert
    French Toast Casserole. Chicken Salad Wrap with a Side of Cole Slaw. Butter and Garlic Steamed Scalops and Shrimp, with a Side of Creamed Spinach and Another Side of Stuffed Mushrooms. Mango Moose with a Strawberry Sauce On Top.
    Biscuits and Chicken with a Side of Hash Brown Casserole. Spicy Barbecue and Ranch Meat Loaf with a Side of Southern Sweet Potato Casserole Cooked in Tons of Brown Sugar. Tuna Casserole with a Large Helping of Mixed Vegitables Cooked in Chicken Broth and Lemon Juice (Corn, Green Beans, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Eggplant, etc.). Banana Pudding.
    Banana Nut Pancakes Topped with a Raspberry Sauce. Steak and Cheese Wraps with a Side of Tomato Basil Soup. 16-Ounce Prime Rib with a Side of Well-Seasoned Mashed Potatoes and a Side of Buttered Corn. Rich Dark Chocolate Moose Accompanied by a LARGE Slice of Tripple Chocolate Cake.

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